Thuisgebruik Mini Electric Blue LED Vibration Eye Massager (SR -06C)

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Basic Info
  • Model No: SR-06C
  • Type : Rimpel Remover Equipment
  • Theorie : IPL
  • Toepassing : Salon , Thuis
  • Draagbaar : Draagbaar

Mini Electric Vibration Blue LED eye care massager

The model SR-06C eye massager combines +/- Ion, Vibration and Red & Blue LED light multi-function with high-end design. When applying on skin, ION, LED and sonic vibration is gentle enough to enhance the look of skin affected by conditions like poor skin texture and uneven pigmentation on sensitive area such as eye and facial triangle etc.
High speed pulsating current facial massager, highest power import/export instrument available on ebay. And it has 2 settings, one setting produces positive(+) current and the other negative(-).

1) Postive current ( + ): used to cleanse and tone the skin; can be used along side cleanser for a deeper clean, great for reducing spots and bringing deep built up dirt to the surface of the skin resulting in cleansed relaxed and less visible pores.

2) Negative current ( - ): used to encourage flexibilty and vigor of the skin; best used along side toner/anti-wrinkle or moisture rich creams as these nutrients will be introduced deeper into the skin helping with elasticity and reducing the signs of aging, this is a very good treatment to reverse or delay signs of early aging.

Both of the current settings are activated along side a vibration massage which will relax the skin, accelerate blood circulation and promote a healthy metabolism. This treatment creates a healthy rejuvenated glow to the face that feels great and really lasts.

The working principles is based on the theory of being repulsive for like charges and attractive for unlike charges.The ions will make oriented movements with the cations flowing from anode to cathode while the anions flowing from cathode to anode.By means of the repulsive force of like ions,it can lead-in the nutrient into deep layer of skin and present a silky smooth feeling.Under its effect,the essence or herbal solution will penetrate into the skin,enhance the absorption of the skin and fulfill the purpose of skin care and treatment.


Unit size: 130*28*29mm, Unit weight: 23g

Sonic Frequency: 200Hz(200times vibration to skin per second).

Negative Ion: -5.0 V

Positive Ion: +5.0 V

Blue Light: 415nm

Red Light: 660nm

Battery Type: 1pc AA battery, 1.5V


Gift box size: 187x115x58mm

Master Carton: @48pcs/2.8kgss/4.2kgs/495*370*395 mm


One (1) Year from on board date for any defective caused by material or workman ship

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